The One Who Never Changes

God Never ChangesIn Ecclesiastes 3:1 we’re told, “To everything there is a season…” We are about to enter a new season of the year that will bring many changes to our surroundings. Just as we know that each year will bring seasons of transformation, so we also know that we’ll go through seasons in our own lives. The one consistency in life is that change will come. God gives us a simple message in James 5:13 as we face the changing seasons of life, and that message is: If you’re going through a tough time, pray to God. If you’re going through a good time, thank God.

If you’re currently facing a challenging time of life, have confidence that the God who created the universe can bring strength to you today. You will get through your difficulty and a better season is ahead. And if you’re experiencing great blessing in your life at this time, thank the One who made it possible. In good times and in difficult times we can look to God and trust in His consistency. He’s the One who never changes!