Auxiliary Ministry


Sis. Tammy Dawn Waller

Director of Auxiliaries



This auxiliary greets all attendees both visitors and members at all Foster Chapel Baptist Church services and special event services on and off the church campus. This ministry is responsible for ensuring that visitors and special guest feel welcome and comfortable as we exhibit “The Chapel’s” spirit of love and fellowship. They are also responsible for obtaining visitor information for the proper follow-up of our guests.

 Usher Ministry: 

Ushers help by continuing the hospitality of greeters, who first welcome worshippers, and establishing order as they carry out their duties.

Floral Ministry: 

The Floral Ministry through faith, dedication and love beautify the House of God. We enhance the House by placing flowers and executing other beautifying efforts with the Sanctuary and its surrounding areas.

We also work outside the Sanctuary by planting flowers and beautifying the grounds of the church. What we do is very valuable and that value is our faithfulness in God. Our goal is for the worshipper to be able to connect the beauty that we strive to create with the beauty and Love of God.

Benevolence Ministry: 

The main purpose of the Benevolence Ministry is to provide assistance to our church members and regular attenders as needs arise.

Van/Transportation Ministry:

The transportation is provided to persons who need assistance getting to church. We regularly provide transportation to Sunday worship service. Members of this ministry also provide a valuable service, supplying transportation to and for church wide activities and outings for other ministries.  This ministry has been vital in enabling many persons to come to worship and to find Christ.

Contact Info:

Church Office: 865-688-8588
Church Fax: 865-851-9545
Email: [email protected]
Office Hours: 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. M-F
Address: 2101 Ault Road
Knoxville, TN 37914

Ministries Served:

  • Benevolence Ministry
  • Greeters Ministry
  • Usher Ministry
  • Floral Ministry
  • Programs Ministry
  • Van/Transportation Ministry