God Must Be Crazy

We most likely wouldn’t say the four words above out loud, but we’ve probably all thought them at times. And if you think you haven’t…let me refresh your memory! God is FaithfulIn Exodus chapters 3 & 4, God speaks to Moses about how He has heard the prayer of His people and is going to deliver them from the bondage they are in. Moses is apparently all for that, until God continues explaining His plan and says, “…I will send you…” (see Exodus 3:10). Moses’ immediate response was the same one we often have. He began trying to explain to God why he was entirely the wrong person for God to choose for the job. In other words: “God, You must be crazy!”

Does this sound like a familiar story? Perhaps one you’ve experienced in your walk with God? When God instructs us to do something, how often we think we’re smarter than God. In our minds, we know we can’t be effective at doing what He’s directing us to do, so we do our best to try to convince God that we’re right and He’s wrong. Reality is: It’s crazy for us to question that God may not know what He’s doing.

The story in Exodus continues with Moses coming up with every excuse he can think of to not do what God is telling Him to do. When God replies to each excuse with a solid answer, Moses finally shares the one we’ve probably turned to before: “Lord, please send someone else to do it.” Anybody else but me! That seems logical. We’re sure there’s someone else that could do it much better. But God isn’t choosing someone else. He’s choosing YOU!

What is the last thing God instructed you to do that you haven’t done? It’s time to quit making excuses and start walking in obedience to His leading. When it’s all done and you’ve obeyed God, you’ll experience the joy that comes from knowing you did what your Creator wanted you to do. And in addition to that, other people will most likely be greatly blessed as a result of your obedience.

God is smart. He’s way smarter than you, me, and everyone else on earth combined. Trust that He knows what He’s doing, He’ll take care of any challenges that arise, and He’s going to be with you every step of the way!