There are so many truths in the Bible that could be included under the heading, “Seems Too Good To Be True!”  One such truth is the fact that God accepts you right where you’re at and just as you are.

I often hear from people who believe they need to clean up their life before coming to God.  Hear this loud and clear: you CAN’T clean up your life before coming to God!  Romans 8:13 tells us that it’s by the help of God’s Spirit that we can put to death the sin in our body.  God takes us where we’re at and then works with us to help us become what He knows we can be.

But what if you come to God, receive His salvation, and then never change a thing?  How does that affect God’s love for you?  The truth is: it doesn’t affect it one bit!  Regardless of what you do – or don’t do – God isn’t going to change His commitment to you.  Your lack of change may affect your life, but it won’t alter God’s love at all.

When you realize how great the love of God really is, it opens the door to experience growth as you’ve never experienced it before.  There’s no need for you to try to gain God’s acceptance and love, because you already have God’s acceptance and love.  It’s a done deal.  You never have to question it again.  He loves you!!